Additional Information For Adaptive Bike Participants


Any Arctic Adventure can be challenging given the terrain, weather and special conditions.  Participating as an Adaptive Athlete in the

Bike Relay or Grand Fondo events comes

with even more challenges.


The Inuvik Tuk Highway, the venue for the Adaptive Bike Relay and Adaptive Grand Fondo events is 150 kms of gravel and can be muddy depending on recent rain or spring melting.  The Inuvik Tuk Highway also has some hills and can be dusty when dry.

To make your Arctic Adventure more enjoyable we are working to provide the following:

1)      Accessible accommodations in Inuvik.


2)      Accessible bathroom facilities during the Bike Relay and Grand Fondo events.


3)      Accessible venues for all of the TREK2TUK4KIDS events.


4)      Accessible shuttle to and from Tuk when needed.