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YES! I want to sponsor the TREK2TUK4KIDS 2023 Event!

Making the Trek2Tuk4Kids event happen will require a lot of coordination and resources to deliver a safe event and a successful fundraiser for students of both the Inuvik East 3 and Mangilaluk K-12 Schools.  


To recognise the people and companies that help make Trek2Tuk4Kids possible, we have established four tiers of sponsorship (bronze, silver gold and diamond).


Available items for sponsorship* include:  

  1. $500 Gift Bags presented to all Trekkers (Pingo)

  2. $500 Volunteer Safety Shirts and Vests (Pingo)

  3. $1000 Participant T-Shirts  (Tundra)

  4. $1000+ Shuttle Bus   – 2-3 will be needed (Tundra: per shuttle, or Mountain: full sponsorship)

  5. $1000  Inuvik Tuk Highway Clean-up (Tundra)

  6. $2000 Welcome Feast and Northern Showcase in Inuvik (Mountain)

  7. $2000 Grand Finale Feast and Cultural Showcase in Tuk (Mountain)

  8. $ or In-Kind negotiable - Adaptive Cycling Team Equipment (Mountain)

  9. $** negotiable Official Airline Sponsor(s) (Aurora)

  10. $** negotiable Clean-up Challenge Sponsor (Tundra)

  11. $** negotiable Prize Sponsors (variable)

 * Includes company logo or official mention at events, and sponsor listing on website and in social media posts, as applicable

** Sponsorship level determined by value $500+ Pingo $1000+ Tundra, $2000+ Mountain, $5000+ Aurora)

Sign up to become a Trek2Tuk4Kids Official Sponsor. 

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