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An Arctic Adventure For Good



Please donate via electronic funds transfer, payment will transfer directly from your bank account to the Beaufort Delta Education Council. 


Remember to enter "T2T4K2023 DONATION" in the EFT message field for correct allocation of funds to the Wellness and Enrichment Fund for students of Inuvik East 3 and Tuktoyaktuk Mangilaluk K-12 Schools.


Send your payment via e-transfer directly to the Beaufort Delta Education Council:

Keep a copy of the EFT receipt as proof of donation, once complete, forward a copy of the e-transfer to us via email for recording. Remember to include your full legal name, an email address, and telephone number, along with a copy of your donation receipt. 

NOTE: If you are donating in support of a trekker, please proceed to Sponsorship 


Donations $50+ are eligible for a Charitable Tax Receipt.

Thanks, Merci, Quyanainni, Mussi Cho –

you are making a difference in the lives of students in the Arctic.


We are working to set up the donations platform, click the button to receive notification for updates regarding Trek2Tuk4Kids donations.

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