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An Arctic Adventure For Good


YES – I want to participate in the TREK2TUK4KIDS event!!


Click here to learn about the relays/events you can register for.

All participants must complete the Registration and Participant Waiver Form, and pay the $150 Registration Fee prior to 31 May 2023. Registered participants are encouraged to raise additional funds through Sponsorship.


Complete these steps  and you will be Officially Registered for the TREK2TUK4KIDS event.


  2. Submit your interac transfer payment to the Beaufort Delta Divisional Education Council

  3. Send us a copy of your completed REGISTRATION and PARTICIPANT WAIVER FORM and a copy of the Interac eTransfer payment receipt


If you are collecting sponsorships and donations for your participation you can always go back and contribute more donations under your name.  Youth participants (under 18 years old on the day of the event) do not have to pay the registration fee or make the minimum donation.  Youth participants are required to complete the Registration Form and Participant Waiver Form.

If you are not able to participate after registering and paying the registration fee your registration fee will be considered a donation and you will be issued a Charitable Tax Receipt for an additional $150. We are not able to provide refunds for registration fees, so be sure you are able to participate before you register.

Your registration fee includes the following:


  1. Welcome Dinner and Northern Showcase in Inuvik on Friday, June 2nd    

  2. Event Launch Breakfast on Saturday morning, June 3rd

  3. Support during the event includes basic sanitation and safety support throughout the entire distance of the road event. Participants must be self-sufficient. 

  4. Grand Finale Dinner and Cultural Showcase in Tuktoyaktuk on Saturday, June 3rd

  5. Shuttle support to and from the event including back to Inuvik from Tuk Saturday evening.

  6. Flight departure or extend and discover more with local tour operators on Sunday, June 4th




Please donate via electronic funds transfer, payment will transfer directly from your bank account to the Beaufort Delta Education Council. 


Remember to enter "T2T4K2023 REGISTRATION" in the EFT message field for correct allocation of funds to the Wellness and Enrichment Fund for students of Inuvik East 3 and Tuktoyaktuk Mangilaluk K-12 Schools.


Send your payment via e-transfer directly to the Beaufort Delta Education Council:

Keep a copy of the EFT receipt as proof of registration, once complete, forward a copy of the e-transfer to us via email for recording, along with your completed REGISTRATION and PARTICIPANT WAIVER form.


Donations $50+ are eligible for a Charitable Tax Receipt.

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